The Reserve

For Your Distinguished Taste

What If You Were Able To Stash Your Favorite Bottle Of Whiskey...

At Your Favorite Neighborhood Bar...

To Drink With Your Favorite Friends...

Anytime You Want?

At Copper Shaker, We Bring That Dream To Life!

Our exclusive spirit locker program lets you purchase high-end, hard-to-find bottles produced in small batches. So, if you are one of the folks who searches for one-of-a-kind spirits, we may be able to give you first shot on our new acquisitions of rare finds. You are welcome to purchase any bottle in stock with no additional charge or let us go on the hunt for something extraordinary for your collection. If you have your own stock of beloved whiskeys at home, you have the ability to store them with the rest of your haul. With your membership you will have a choice of one of 30 secure lockers at Copper Shaker that you have the key to. Your locker will have an engraved plaque with a moniker of your choice and locker number. Upon visiting, you’ll have full access to our glassware, the appropriate ice, mixers, and other accoutrements for you and your guests to enjoy.

Locker Membership



$500/annually (a $600 value!)

Interested In Your Own Locker?  Want To Discuss Our Collection?  


169 1st Avenue North 

St Petersburg, FL 33701

Open from 4:30pm to 3am


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